Our Primary Goal

We aim to be a global leader in the provision of aviation intelligence and data. We will offer clients the opportunity to access our expertise through a portfolio of consultancy services and a range of online data products.

Honesty and integrity

The relationships we build with our customers are built firmly on trust, honesty and integrity

We are fundamentally honest people and want that to be reflected in how we deal with current and potential customers. Reputation is a crucial part of our success and we can enhance our reputation through dealing with customers and our colleagues in a fair and honest way.

Improvement and evolution

We are constantly improving and evolving in an ever changing market

All products have a PLC (Product Lifecycle Curve) though how long the maturity phase lasts before decline sets in can be influenced by the business. In our case, we choose to update our products on an ongoing cycle of quarterly improvement, using customer feedback and our own ideas to ensure we keep our proposition up-to-speed with market needs.

The same goes for our team. The business is organised with quarterly and annual objectives at the core of what we do. Our team is challenged to think creatively, tackle problems and improve products constantly. Ongoing budget is available for staff training and fresh challenges keep us improving our knowledge and evolving our proposition.

Excellence in what we do

We strive for excellence in everything we do

This links in to our drive to constantly improve the perception of our business through delivery of class-leading products and services. Whether through a consultancy project or via our product development team, we understand the importance of delivering the best quality advice in a clear and understandable form.

Confident, creative and independent

We encourage confidence, creativity and independence

Whether in our product or advisory offering, we always look to improve the visual and verbal quality of what we produce. By encouraging team members to think in this way, we can all influence the content and presentation of the company's products and services.