We give back to our community

Nottingham Forest already has a sponsor so we have opted for something a little different!

We are proud to sponsor the RAF Tug of War team and Derby Horseball team. Both teams train tirelessly alongside their full time careers and go through, blood, sweat and tears in order to compete at a high level.

We are also delighted to sponsor the next generation of industry professionals through Loughborough University's society for transport and aviation enthusiasts, Velocity.

RAF Tug of War Squad


Tug of war has a long history in the armed forces; a mix of raw power and tenacity, bridged with technique and team work, this is a sport that harnesses the Warrior Spirit essential in today's modern Armed Forces.

Ultimately this is a simple sport – merely pull the opposition merely 4 meters, but to achieve this requires timing, strength and technique, and a gritted determination as each Pull can last up to 2 minutes with only 90 secs between Pulls to recover.

RAF Tug of War Team pictured sitting on the wing of a Red Arrow aircraft

The Royal Air Force, together with the Army and Royal Navy, regularly compete in Tug of war competitions around the UK including the Royal Welsh Show and the Royal Highland Games.

Supported by RDC and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the squad has trained hard throughout the season with their main focus being on the Royal Highland Games in Breamar in September which will take place in front of the Royal Family.

Derby Horseball Team

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Horseball is a highly spectacular equestrian sport that can be defined as a mix of basketball and rugby on horseback. Inspired by the Argentinian game 'Pato' it started in France by French Army Captain Clave, a show jumping World Champion. In 1999 the International Horseball Federation was created in order to manage and promote the sport across the globe. Horseball today is played on 5 continents and is one of the ten disciplines officially recognised by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

Derby Horseball Team at a match

The team are all upcoming players, captained by RDC's Jennifer Turner who has been playing for a number of years and has competed in the UK, Spain and France.

Derby Horseball Team mid-gameDerby Horseball Team attacking the ball

Horseball is based on attacks and defences with the objective to score goals by shooting into a raised hoop 1.5m in diameter. A team consists of 6 players, with 4 on the pitch at one time and games lasting 20 minutes with a 3 minute half time break. When the ball falls on the floor, the player must pick it up without dismounting the horse and 3 passes must be made before I shot on goal can be attempted.



Velocity is Loughborough University’s society for students interested in transport and aviation.

Velocity out on a field trip

Velocity has been developing the interests and career prospects of transport students for over 20 years through the organisation of high quality trips to transport organisations such Airbus, British Airways, Rolls Royce and Bombardier Trains, as well as organising discounted flight training and holding regular talks in combination with the Royal Aeronautical Society and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Velocity out on another field trip

Every year Velocity’s highlight event is the annual trip which takes members on a transport experience in a foreign country. This year Velocity will be travelling to Sweden to visit the airports of Swedavia, as well as the Volvo factory and spend the night in a hotel converted from a retired 747 jumbo jet.