Airport Charges Made Easy

See landing fees, passenger charges and taxes clearer than ever before with the world's leading airport charges data and analysis platform.

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We developed our airport charges platform to take the pain out of the research and calculation of airport user fees, government taxes and en-route charges. We know how much time it can take to track down or decode one document, let alone hundreds, so we built a system to do it.


Airportcharges has the largest online library of worldwide charges documents that you’ll find anywhere, covering thousands of original documents, from the most up-to-date to going back over five years, if you need a charges document, we’ve probably got it. Our researchers have been assembling the library since 2001 and we know where to look, when – and what for. Our database includes:

  • Runway Charges

  • Passenger Charges

  • Security Costs

  • Infrastructure Charges

  • Parking Charges

  • Environmental Charges

  • Terminal Navigation

  • En-Route Navigation

  • Government Taxes


We also know that finding the information is only the start of the job and that’s why our analysts have spent years re-creating the complex charge calculation formulae and data-basing unit rates, so if you want to calculate the cost of landing an A320 in Bangkok, an A380 in London, or a B777 in Atlanta, you can generate the numbers, assess the results, and understand the impact in seconds.


Even with the answers available on-screen, we understand that some users need more – the power to add data into other systems in the back-office network. We have a solution for that too; our charges are now available as a custom-built, pre-calculated dataset in a format ready to automatically feed ERP systems like SAP and Oracle.

Ready and easy access to airport charges documentation and contractual terms has allowed us to quickly check rate details and improve compliance in this area of high spend, [...] the modelling tools contained within AirportCharges have proved useful in preparing consultation submissions for regulatory authorities and in influencing internal stakeholders.
British Airways

At every step of the way we save time, reduce errors and provide fast results that enable analysts to concentrate on developing solutions, instead of spending time trying to find the information.

APC is handmade by RDC and we upgrade the product functionality quarterly, as well as daily data updates.