Route Analysis & Market Intelligence

Analyse the performance of new and existing airline routes, and understand emerging trends from a range of data sources

Apex is a next generation airline route analysis and market intelligence platform

Apex is our latest product; building on the foundations of routepro we’ve created a next-generation data analysis platform.

We know how important it is to have reliable data, whether for marketing presentations or internal analysis – if the basics are wrong, credibility is lost. The idea behind Apex is simple – to ensure analysts have access to the data they need to understand how the industry is performing. From airline financial data to a powerful route performance calculator, Apex is used to sharpen presentations and improve market knowledge.

The look and feel, content, reliability and speed of Apex is incredible. We achieved more using Apex in one morning than we did with an alternative system in 5 months.
Manchester Airports Group (MAG)

Airline Route Performance Calculator

Our gives an unrivalled level of detail that enables users to see the cost of operating air routes, change key criteria and view the results side-by-side. Airports are able to see the impact of marketing incentives on route profitability and make more informed commercial decisions while airline planners can quickly see which aircraft offer the best-fit on a route.

Airline Fare Analysis

Our consultancy team use Apex on a daily basis, so we also understand that it’s not always about simply looking at route profitability. That’s why we added a unique , gathered from the major low cost carriers in Europe and Asia, and presented in a clean graphical interface. Analysts can now track fare trends by route, airline – even country – to see which markets are supporting growth, spot opportunities and identify weaknesses.


Dependability is key to the success of Apex and we have a team in place to make sure we deliver. Our experienced support analysts have a monitoring and updating programme that covers the airline/ aircraft cost data, airline financial reports, airline fares and fleet data that sit behind the product.

Apex is handmade by RDC, which enables us to make frequent upgrades to the product, incorporating client feedback.

Apex makes your research and analysis simple: but this simplicity is built on a detailed data foundation.