Our data

RDC's unique and proprietary datasets offer our clients insights which few other providers can offer; insights which help them understand the opportunities and risks they face as a business. Our core datasets cover these main areas:

Global coverage The world's largest dataset of runway, passenger and en-route charges covering more than 3,000 airports, supported by global coverage of government tax data.

Proprietary fuel calculations Proprietary fuel burn and route operating cost calculation engines, enabling the costs (and CO2 emissions) for any combination of carrier and equipment type on any O&D to be determined.

Worldwide networks Comprehensive and network-wide fares data for more than 100 of the world's leading carriers, providing a view on future revenue performance.

We 💙 these

Industries and Sectors

Airlines & Operators
Helping operators introduce aeronautical billing efficiencies, spot new route opportunities and evaluate competitors.
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Providing analytical and marketing support to airport planners and air service development teams.
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Financial & Professional Services
Connecting the financial services industry with the intelligence they need to support their investment strategies.
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Flight Support & Operations
Powering up the business and charter quoting process with instant access to the most accurate airport and en-route charges data.
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Travel Retail
Using RDC’s unique carbon emissions data in the travel retail booking process to help change customer behaviour in the drive to reduce global emissions.
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Bring our aviation expertise directly into your system with our easy-to-use APIs. Powered by the same class-leading databases and calculation engines that power our other systems.
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Questions we get asked a lot

My industry is not mentioned above. Can RDC still help me?
Of course! We are always looking to partner with businesses who want to use our data in interesting ways - and we pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable so why not get in touch?
Where does your data come from?
We like to add value to data, which means our support team research and compile information from a range of primary sources, complemented by data from a small number of specialist partners. We then process and combine raw data, to give usable results to our clients.