Premium cabin fare data added to Apex - RDC proves that there can be a free lunch!

Oct 29, 2019


We are delighted to announce that RDC’s Apex platform now has fare data for premium cabins complementing the network wide economy fare data that is included for over 90 airlines.

At RDC we take client feedback very seriously and it became evident that our clients would benefit from the inclusion of fare data for cabins other than economy/coach. So, with a few very clever moves to how the data is collected we have been able to add in premium cabin fare data. Apex will now have fare data for economy, premium economy and business.

And not only will the system have this data but our existing clients who subscribe to Apex Fare Analysis can access this data for no extra charge! A thank you to our customers for their loyalty! It is fantastic news for our clients as some other data providers have publicly declared that they can’t or won’t provide any premium cabin information. There are not many tasks too complex for our product development and support departments!

Our premium cabin fare data will be especially useful for clients that are either analysing existing long-haul performance or for those targeting future growth of this market segment. The example below, taken directly from the Apex Network Scatter function, demonstrates this - it shows British Airways business and economy cabin fares from London Heathrow to all destinations they serve throughout Asia. Note the high business cabin fares to Tokyo Haneda (highlighted) - American Airlines has just announced its first services to Tokyo Haneda, the chart easily demonstrates how an airline like American Airlines can find opportunities like this by analysing competitors or how airports like Tokyo Haneda can use this data to market new route opportunities to target airlines. 

Future fare graph  

Our fare coverage has come a long way since it was introduced back in 2013. The original concept was to provide European low-cost carrier data to fill in the gaps in other GDS based traffic tools. This progressed onto LCCs in Middle East, Asia and Australasia, the major legacy airlines in Europe, China and Australasia and we have just finished adding the top airlines in the USA and Canada. We now have fare data for over 100 airlines, not bad work for 7 years! But we are not stopping there, we will shortly start to add the major airlines in Mexico and South America and then focus on widening the coverage in the Middle East and Asia. Watch this space... 

Iain Smith


Iain Smith

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