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We provide subscription products and data feeds of core aviation information


If you are looking for specific information concerning airport and associated charges, look no further than RDC Aviation. No other company has the service or expertise of RDC Aviation.

Deuane Kuenzi | Ibis Airlines


Ready and easy access to airport charges documentation and contractual terms has allowed us to quickly check rate detail and improve compliance in this area of high spend.

Peter Jukes | British Airways


Apex has a range of user friendly modules which adds high value to business studies. The results bring sharp expertise to your finger tips for more accuracy and more confidence in your negotiations.

Lyon Airport

Analyse the performance of current and planned airline routes and networks.

Planet Earth


Quick Fact: Around 50 billion airline seats have been offered for sale in the last decade — enough for everyone on Earth to take seven seats each

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The number one source for airport user fees, government taxes and en-route charges for airlines, operators and system providers.

Hey big spender


Quick Fact: In 2019, Europe's four largest LCCs spent over €4 billion on airport charges

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Connected Services

Leverage the power of integrated data by connecting your systems to our range of APIs - all built on the new Q platform.

Subscribe to one-off or regular data files for the flexibility to meet your custom use case.

Up in the air


Quick Fact: With more than 100,000 movements occurring on a daily basis, airports need a reliable and validated source of fleet data to ensure they accurately bill their customers

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